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  • What We Do

    Our whiteglove analytics setup, data gathering, consulting and reporting is what sets us apart, along with our proprietary industry specific 150+ point rubrics and XQ measurement scales.

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    Integrated Analytics and Measurement Strategy

    We will start our engagement with a discovery phase in which our team will evaluate your goals, proposed outcomes, current assets, contact lists, third-party platforms, tactics and existing analytics. Our deliverable from the strategy phase is an in-depth data gathering plan that will establish the foundation of our analytics dashboard, data visualization, core KPI's and insight goals.

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    Platform Integrations and Dashboard Configuration

    Our developers work closely with our data strategist to customize your dashboard based on your category and goals. We work with hundreds of 3P platforms and tools to deliver a visually pleasing, actionable dashboard view of your analytics infrastructure.

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    Data Modeling, Segmentation and Test Design

    We'll ensure the data is organized in a way that meets business requirements and supports our analysis and reporting plans. The primary goal of test design is to evaluate and refine the survey instrument, ensuring that it is clear, reliable, and valid before administering it to the target population. This process helps to identify and address any issues or potential biases in the survey, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the data collected.

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    Survey Design and Implementation

    Gain the confidence you need to ensure your surveys are well-designed and do not have bias or net inaccurate results. We'll collect accurate and relevant data that can be analyzed and used to make informed decisions, understand trends, assess opinions, or measure attitudes and behaviors. Effective survey design involves several key elements and considerations, count on our team of experts to design, deploy and analyze the most effective surveys for your goals.

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    Secret Shoppers

    Digital analytics are foundational, what sets us apart is that we also offer onsite support and data gathering from our vetted team of secret shoppers. Whether attending a trade show, a sporting event or visiting a retail location, our secret shoppers are well prepared to answer our proprietary surveys that directly map back to our reporting rubric, integrated with your dashboards and measured against your category's XQ. You now have a single pane of glass for understanding the entire 360 view of the customer experience, and meaningful measurements that help you make strategic decisions.

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    Data Visualization

    Visualize your data from hundreds of data points through customized charts, tables and reports. The goal of data visualization is to present complex data in a clear, concise, and intuitive manner, making it easier for your teams to understand patterns, trends, and insights within the data. Share insights with your teams and use defensible data for consensus and strategic decision making for the future of your live experiences.

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    BI Insight Consulting and Report Development

    Our team of strategists, data analysts and statisticians will regularly report on your insights, goals and KPI's. The plan is set and it's go time. Your team will have a regular reporting cadence and a clear picture of what success looks like, and how to map the insight to a plan of action. We are here to generate value from disparate data points and expedite your team's need for actionable insight.