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  • Who We Are

    Dedicated to the Future of Measurement of Live Experiences.

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    Based in Toledo, Ohio

    We are based in the vibrant community of Toledo, Ohio. We also have team members in Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago. Collectively, we're primarily based in the Great Lakes region and serve clients around the globe.

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    Our Team

    We have a growing team of live event and retail strategists, data scientists, technologists and media and marketing experts. Our team is well educated, nimble, informed and dedicated to bringing our clients the absolute best technical implementations and analytical insights for informed decision making for the future of live experience.

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    Our Mission

    We understand that data is driven by people. Foundationally, we exist to help our clients create better live experiences for their attendees, fans, customers and constituents. We never lose sight of the fact that the data, insights and strategies all map back to the people we're here to serve.

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